Smart Complete Rust and Scale Remover

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An Effective product for the removal of rust, scale and cement from a variety of surfaces and for the restoration of Terrazzo, concrete and glazed surfaces.

Composition: Phosphoric Acid ad nonionic surfactants

Directions for Use:

Rust/scale remover:
Use at a dilution of 5 to 25% (1 part in 20 to 1 in 4 with water) depending on the amount of rust/scale to be removed. Remove loose rust/scale with a stiff wire brush and all traces of oil and grease before treatment. Apply by brush, cloth or spray. Agitate with steel wool (000 wire wool on delicate surfaces) to give faster results. As soon as the surface is free of rust or scale rinse off with clean water.

Cement removal: use at a dilution rate of between 0-10% depending on the thickness of the cement to be removed. (neat is best on hard cement deposits)