Waterproofing the exterior

Our exterior waterproofing products are focused on walls, roofs, balconies, woodwork, patios, driveways and anywhere else outdoors that water might try to penetrate.Products will vary from breathable sealers such as AQUA-REPEL which prevents water penetration into the surface of masonry, brickwork, stone etc with the added benefit of letting the masonry or other surface breathe properly.Guttering products include Fillcoat Fibres which is an elastic waterproof coating with added fibres ideal for bridging gaps in leaking gutters.Roof waterproofing products include Fillcoat Roof Paint helps restore roofs by achieving a tough waterproof coating that is elastic and able withstand thermal movement. Fillcoat Fibres is the same product with added fibres if you need to bridge cracks.

Multi-Tight 2K for below ground level exterior waterproofing

Multi-Tight 2K – dry and cross-linked in 18 hours verification:Multi-Tight 2K dries rapidly and the cross-linking is extremely fast and independent of weather conditions in less than 18 hours.This is due to a brand new combination of a special dispersion with rubber granulate aggregate bonding capacity and a highly reactive cement component.Additionally, Multi-Tight 2K comes with a general German test certificate (AbP) in accordance with the German Building Rules List A, part 2, No: 1.9 “mineral-based waterproofing grout for waterproofing of buildings”.

  • AbP according to PG-ÜBB (German test principles for issuing of approved test certificates for general building regulations with reference to transitions of waterproofing building components made of concrete with high moisture resistance)
  • early water pressure test (1.0 bar = 10 m water column) after 18 hours at 5° C and 90% relative moisture.

tested by: iBMB Institute for Building Materials Concrete Construction and Fire Protection and MPA Braunschweig Civil Engineering Materials Testing Institute

Exterior waterproofing products

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Masonry Waterproofing

KA-Bond SBR Bonding Compound

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Basements and Cellars

Remmers Kiesol MB Special Primer

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