Waterproofing products for roofs

Roofs are particularly important for waterproofing since a leaking roof will affect everything underneath it and need to be maintained watertight. From tiled roofs to flat roofs, thatched roofs to metal roofs we offer products to keep them waterproofed.

Fillcoat Roof Paint is waterproof, elastic, brush and roller applied coating for roofs, gutters, ridge pieces, chimney stacks, pipes, lightly trafficked balconies etc. Restore old roofs with easy to apply Fillcoat Roof Paint, and achieve a tough waterproof coating, that is elastic and able withstand thermal movement.

If you need to bridge any cracks over a poor roof surface use Fillcoat Fibres Roof Paint.

To add extra waterproofing qualities to your thatch roof we have AQUA-REPEL – our breathable water repellent – which has been applied to thatched roofs successfully to increase their waterproofing and lifespans.