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If you are looking for trade quality waterproofing products for your building then you’re in the right place…

We sell waterproofing products as used by the trade and are now available to the general public for DIY use.

Our waterproofing products will help you waterproof your basement or cellar, stop rising damp, fix roofs, fix gutters, seal bricks, seal patios and paving etc.

They can be used for interior and exterior use in new and old buildings!

Whatever part of your home or building you need to protect from water, we have the waterproofing products to keep you dry! Starting from your roof, whether it be tiles or thatch roof, your gutters, walls, basement, cellar or footings – we have the products – all shipped from the UK.

We don’t stop at your home or building – we have products for your patio, paths, drives, garden furniture, sheds and many other applications – some we haven’t discovered yet!

So have a look at our shop and find what you need to waterproof your home or building.

Have you heard of Remmers MB 2K or Multi-Baudicht 2K? Probably not! On mainland Europe it’s super-popular and it’s known in the UK as Multi-Tight 2k. It is a flexible, polymer thick coating which combines the properties of a solvent-free, flexible waterproofing grout (MWG) and a bitumen thick coating for waterproofing buildings (PMBC).