Waterproofing tools

Here’s a round up of some of the tools you may need to use our waterproofing products.


There are a variety of trowels which you may need for spreading waterproofing products and remedial work. A set is a good buy so you have exactly the right trowel for the job.

Here’s the main type of trowels available:

Bricklayer’s or brick trowel – a common trowel with an elongated triangular-shaped flat metal blade, used for leveling, spreading, and shaping cement, plaster, and mortar.

Pointing trowel – a scaled-down version of a bricklayer’s trowel, for small jobs and repair work.

Gauging trowel – rounded tip, used to mix measured proportions of the different ingredients for quick set plaster.

Plastering trowel – rectangular, used for scooping, spreading and smoothing plaster.

Float trowel / Finishing trowel – rectangular, used to smooth, level, or texture the top layer of hardening concrete.

Brick jointer / Tuck pointing trowel – long and thin, designed for packing mortar between bricks.

Flooring trowel – has one rectangular end and one pointed end, made to fit corners.

Grout float – used for applying and working grout into gaps in floor and wall tiles.

Pool trowel – flat-bladed with rounded ends used to apply coatings to concrete swimming pools.

Margin trowel – small rectangular bladed tool used to move, apply, and smooth small amounts of masonry or adhesive material.

Block brush

A large brush for applying large amounts of thick or thin liquid such as waterproofing, paint, stain or slurry.


Available from 5 litre small hand-held versions to 25 litre backpacks. Use for applying waterproofing, paint, stains and slurry.


Essential item for many waterproofing jobs. A good sturdy builders bucket is a good investment although an old paint tub can do the job.


£9.95 inc. VAT

Tools and Equipment

Roller set with 2 sleeves

£4.50 inc. VAT
£9.95 inc. VAT
£15.95 inc. VAT
£21.95 inc. VAT

Tools and Equipment

Block Brush

£2.95 inc. VAT

Tools and Equipment

5 litre Low Pressure Sprayer

£18.95 inc. VAT
£67.95 inc. VAT

Tools and Equipment

Stanley 9in 230mm Roller Set

£9.95 inc. VAT

Tools and Equipment

20 Litre Backpack Sprayer

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Tools and Equipment

Stanley Hobby Tool Set 3pc

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