Graffiti Response Kits – 3 Sizes

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Graffiti response kits contain all you need to tackle an outbreak of graffiti before it spreads. Designed for Local Authorities, Resident Associations, Tidy Town Groups, Community Organisations, schools, colleges, shops, retail units and businesses.

The kit is a highly effective surface contaminant removal product, designed for the elimination of unsightly or unwanted spray paint, crayon, magic marker, graffiti or ‘tag’ marks on glass, unfinished metal, factory-applied metal finishes and many other surfaces.

Based upon a unique blend of environmentally safe solvents, emulsifiers and surfactants, the Community Graffiti Removal Kit is both easy to use and highly effective on even the most difficult applications.

Available in 1x (small) 5x (Medium) or 10x (Large) Kits