Epoxy Resin Pointing explained

Epoxy Resin pointing explained

What are epoxy resin pointing systems?

Epoxy resin pointing is an advancement of pointing over the use of traditional sand and cement mortar. For decades, pointing the joints between paving slabs and setts with traditional mortar has been a skilled, laborious and time consuming task.

On a typical patio paving project, traditional wet mortar pointing can take nearly as long as laying the paving area itself due to its labour intensiveness.

First impressions count when it comes to your patio, bad pointing can spoil the overall look of your paving.

Traditionally, weather conditions during pointing has always been an important factor. Most patio paving contractors will have experienced delays with pointing due to bad weather conditions. This results in the job being finished later than expected and the knock on effect of payment being delayed by the customer.

New resin pointing systems such as ProJoint have a number of distinct advantages and have a proven record of strength and durability.

Our feedback from contractors shows us they are attracted by the speed of application, reduced labour time and ease of use. DIYers are telling us it’s easy to use and doesn’t need specialist skills.

We stock a large UK manufactured range of resin pointing systems new specialist ranges for professionals working on demanding and high profile projects.

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