Epoxy Resin Pointing vs Traditional Mortar Pointing

epoxy resin pointing vs traditional mortar

What’s the difference between epoxy resin and mortar pointing?

If you are laying a new patio or restoring an old one you may be asking yourself this question when deciding how to do the pointing. Traditional patio pointing would use sand and cement mortar for pointing, which is easy enough to do for the DIYer. You’ll find most Professionals will use resin based products for pointing.

Here we try to explain the main differences so you can make an informed choice when buying resin based patio pointing.

Speed and efficiency

Resin pointing is quicker to use and so reduces labour time and therefore costs. Of course, if you are a DIYer then your labour is not considered a cost, but we’d all like to finish our patio sooner than later.

Ease of use

Since you can apply the resin pointing with a squeegee, there’s a lot less bending down and getting down on your knees. It’s a lot easier to apply than traditional mortar pointing, so less skill is required. That makes it a good choice for the DIYer.


Epoxy resin pointing have high strength suitable for medium to heavy traffic loads. You’ll find epoxy resin pointing with a rating suitable for your patio, driveway or pathway. and therefore much stronger and less likely to crack under heavy weight than traditional mortar pointing.

Frost resistance

Epoxy resin pointing is very frost resistant and resistant to extreme changes in temperature. Traditional mortar pointing less so.

Weather during application

Epoxy resin pointing is very fast to use, so making it only need a short window of opportunity to apply it to damp paving, this makes bad weather less of an issue. All Epoxy resin pointing products can be used in light rain.

Temperatures from 0°C to +30°C are quite possible and will not see the pointing develop cracks like traditional sand and cement will if it dries out too quickly in the sun.


Epoxy resin is designed to outlast traditional pointing mortar. It resists de-icing salt, being cleaned with a pressure washer and holds up well against mechanical sweepers.


Professionals will enjoy the fact that epoxy resin brings very consistent results very easily, with colour matching and finish not a problem. Traditional pointing mortar requires more effort to achieve the same level of consistency. Epoxy resin pointing brings no cement staining and no returning for cleaning once the job is complete.

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