How to remove Black Spots from your Patio

Removing black spots from your patio before and after

How do you get rid of those stubborn black spots of your patio?

Black spots on your patio can really spoil its appearance. You may have tried to remove them with a pressure washer or scrubbing but got nowhere and just accepted they’re here to stay.

This is where we can help with black spot removers that won’t damage the surface of your patio and not damage plants around it. Sandstone is particularly vulnerable to continuous pressure washing and start delaminating its layers.

You need a black spot remover that will gently remove those patio black spots and restore the colour of your patio.

Once complete you may consider sealing it to keep it that way – we can help with that too with our patio sealers!


Apply the black spot treatment to a slightly damp or dry surface but not a saturated patio or paving surface. Avoid if rain is due within the time period expected to treat the surface.

Do not use in conjunction with acid based removers or cleaners.

Applying the algae remover

Follow these instructions to remove the black spots from your patio and paving.

  1. Clear away any garden furniture or obstacles on the patio area to be treated.
  2. Shake the bottle well before using.
  3. Wearing the appropriate PPE, apply the neat concentrate directly to the surface to be treated with a plastic watering can or a pressure garden sprayer.
  4. The product will fizz as it starts to work.
  5. Leave to absorb for 3 to 4 hours
  6. Hose off thoroughly with clean water.
  7. For particularly badly affected areas, a second coat may be required, followed by rinsing with a pressure washer.

Pro Tips

  • All tools/equipment should be cleaned after use. Do not allow to come in contact with metal.
  • Ensure no-one comes into direct contact with the product until rinsed off the surface.
  • A 5 Litre container should treat approximately 25m².

Products for Removing Black SPots from Patios and Paving

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