Leaking Concrete Pond? How to fix it…

Waterproofing Ponds and Water Features

Waterproof your concrete pond or water feature

Have you got a leaking pond or water feature? If so we have just the product for you.

AQUA-STOP for ponds is just what you need to fix those leaks and of course it’s fish-friendly. It can waterproof brick ponds, stone ponds, mortar and concrete ponds that are structurally sound and absorbent.

AQUA-STOP is a proven product and has been used to fix leaks on small and large garden ponds, koi ponds, water features, larger civic fountain pools and even trout farms.

What’s more AQUA-STOP is dead easy to use – you simply brush it on as a slurry on to your pre-wetted surface. 24 hours later put on a second coat. Then let it fully dry out for three days, which allows the ‘crystalisation’ process to take place.

So, if you can handle a brush you can use AQUA-STOP. Easy!

Products for Waterproofing Leaking Ponds & Water Features

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