Remmers Waterproofing Products

remmers waterproofing products

Introducing the waterproofing products of Remmers

Moisture is the main culprit behind building damage in most case. So, if you want to increase the lifespan and longevity of your home or building then waterproofing should be your priority.

Moisture will create damage whether it be roofs, facades, plinths or particularly basements. Moisture in basement walls will likely lead to a considerable amount of damage if left unchecked. Moisture not only destroys the building materials themselves, it also provides an ideal environment for harmful fungi or microorganisms to flourish. To maintain a healthy and stable home or building, your walls need to be dry and damp-proof.

Remmers have a vast array of professional waterproofing products in their portfolio, built up over more than 70 years, probably larger than most of its competitors. Countless customers worldwide have benefited from their waterproofing systems, expertise and experience and we’re sure you’ll you’ll enjoy the Remmers waterproofing products.

Further technical information for professionals

Building waterproofing effectiveness and durability depends on how well it is planned and executed it is. DIN 18533, parts 1 to 3, governs the waterproofing of building elements with ground contact for new builds in Germany and is relevant for the UK market too. Some of the procedures in this standard can also be applied to renovation and restoration.

However, many building waterproofing procedures that are already widely used cannot be planned in line with this standard. To close this gap and create a regulatory framework for tried-and-tested waterproofing methods, the Wissen-schaftlich-Technische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Bauwerk-serhaltung und Denkmalpflege e. V. (German scientific and technical consortium for building and monument preservation, WTA) has created Leaflet 4-6 (under review), which contains specifications for the subsequent waterproofing of building elements with ground contact.

Leaflet 4-6 describes the restoration process, from assessing the existing building through to planning and execution of the waterproofing. The guideline for planning
and executing waterproofing with polymer-modified thick bitumen coatings (PMBC guideline) can also help with planning. As a supplement to DIN 18533, this guideline provides planners and workers with detailed information on handling PMBCs.

Remmers Waterproofing Products

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Basements and Cellars

Remmers Kiesol MB Special Primer

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