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Remmers Waterproofing Products

Introducing the waterproofing products of Remmers for roofs, facades, plinths, basements etc. [...]

Unrivaled waterproofing indoors and out

How’s your Dutch? It doesn’t matter! All you need to know is that MB 2K [...]

Waterproofing flat roofs with Multi-Baudicht 2K

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNmAsgx1xtE This video shows Remmers Multi-Baudicht 2K being used to seal a leaking flat roof. [...]

Building waterproofer application demo

Take a look at this video which shows a demonstration of Remmers Multi-Tight 2K being [...]

Multi-Tight 2K application demo

Watch how easy it is to apply Multi-Tight 2K is the all-in-one waterproofing protection and [...]