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Remmers Waterproofing Products

Introducing the waterproofing products of Remmers for roofs, facades, plinths, basements etc. [...]

Waterproofing your exterior

Stopping water getting in from the outside All of our exterior waterproofing products are mainly [...]

Solve damp problems for free!

A damp proofing tale… I was at a networking event a while ago and in [...]

Fixing a leaking basement or cellar

Have you got a damp basement or cellar? Usually you’ll find that the outside of [...]

Stopping damp coming through your walls

Waterproofing your house Keeping damp out of your house starts with figuring out where it’s [...]

Unrivaled waterproofing indoors and out

How’s your Dutch? It doesn’t matter! All you need to know is that MB 2K [...]

Multi-Tight 2K application demo

Watch how easy it is to apply Multi-Tight 2K is the all-in-one waterproofing protection and [...]

Exterior waterproofing: Below ground level

Multi-Tight 2k is dry and cross-linked in 18 hours! Multi-Tight 2k (Multi-Baudict 2k / MB [...]