Waterproofing your exterior

Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream applying with roller

Stopping water getting in from the outside

All of our exterior waterproofing products are mainly focused on walls, roofs, balconies, woodwork, patios, driveways and anywhere else outdoors where water might try to penetrate and cause damp.

We have a good range of products which vary from breathable sealers such as AQUA-REPEL, which prevents water penetration into the surface of masonry, brickwork, stone etc with the added benefit of letting the masonry or other surface breathe properly.

If you have leaking guttering then Fillcoat Fibres might beuseful. It’s an elastic waterproof coating with added fibres and ideal for bridging gaps in leaking gutters.

If your roof is leaking, then check out our roof waterproofing products, which include Fillcoat Roof Paint helps restore roofs by achieving a tough waterproof coating that is elastic and able withstand thermal movement. Fillcoat Fibres is the same product with added fibres if you need to bridge cracks.

With summer approaching it’s a good time to be tackling your waterproofing problems.