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Sealing your patio

Sealing your patio in the summer Summer is a good time to seal your patio [...]

Waterproofing your exterior

Stopping water getting in from the outside All of our exterior waterproofing products are mainly [...]

Thatched roof waterproofing with AQUA REPEL

Customer tried AQUA REPEL on their thatched roof Several years ago a customer bought some of [...]

Sealing balconies with DO-IT-ALL

Stop water damage in its tracks Water leaking through balcony and finding its way in [...]

Sealing your patio with DO-IT-ALL

Keeping your patio safe and attractive Slippery patios covered in algae, liverworts, lichens and moss [...]

Waterproofing flat roofs with Multi-Baudicht 2K This video shows Remmers Multi-Baudicht 2K being used to seal a leaking flat roof. [...]

Exterior waterproofing: Below ground level

Multi-Tight 2k is dry and cross-linked in 18 hours! Multi-Tight 2k (Multi-Baudict 2k / MB [...]