Sealing your patio with DO-IT-ALL

Comparison Patio viewed from above

Keeping your patio safe and attractive

Slippery patios covered in algae, liverworts, lichens and moss are hazard to users and someone might get hurt slipping over.

Winter is usually when algae, moss and other unwanted surface growths build up on your patio. Shady and humid areas can be a problem year round too.

To smarten up your patio and leave it safe and looking good you need to give it a good clean using an algae and mould killer  to make sure it’s completely free of live stuff, then you can seal it with a waterproofing clear sealer.

Once cleaned if you have crumbling joints between the paving slabs you can re-point them using Nexus Projoint V75-WT which will smarten up your patio no end.

We cleaned and sealed a patio in 2011 with DO-IT-ALL and to date when this photo was taken in 2015 it is still clean (left hand patio).

Comparison Patio

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