Thatched roof waterproofing with AQUA REPEL

Thatched Roof Waterproofing

Customer tried AQUA REPEL on their thatched roof

Several years ago a customer bought some of our breathable water repellent AQUA REPEL to use on their thatched roof with the intention to add some additional waterproofing capability to it.

At the time we didn’t know if it would work since, to our knowledge, it had not been tried before, so we were very keen to hear what the results were.

A few days after the thatched roof had been sprayed with AQUA REPEL in came the rain and it rained really hard on the thatched roof!

Success was reported! From that day onwards we know that AQUA REPEL is effective on thatched roofs!

Since then many people have used AQUA REPEL to prolong the life of their thatched roof or to keep an old thatch roof going for a bit longer before a new thatch can be afforded or carried out.

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Thatched Roof Waterproofing