Fixing a leaking basement or cellar

flooded basement Waterproofing Basements

Have you got a damp basement or cellar?

Usually you’ll find that the outside of a damp basement or cellar is buried beneath the soil, so you cannot easily get to the outside of the walls to remedy the issue. That’s not a problem since we have the waterproofing products to tackle the problem from the inside.

Waterproofing Basements

AQUA-STOP is an internal waterproofer which can be brushed on as a slurry to create internal tanking which can be carried out by a tradesman or competent DIYer.

Waterproofing Basements

If you have running water flowing in there may be a more serious problem although we do stock SUPER-STOP  which can plug a flowing hole in under 30 seconds. You will have to use AQUA-STOP to complete the job as it’s only a temporary solution.