How much does it cost to waterproof a basement?

basement waterproofing

Getting a rough idea on costs for waterproofing your basement or cellar

Here we’re going to explain how to get a rough idea on costs to waterproof a basement to take it from a damp forgotten storage space to one that can be used everyday.

If you’re toying with the idea of waterproofing your damp basement or cellar, you may not want to contact a waterproofing company and get a survey straight away, since you’ve no idea what the costs are likely to be.

Can I afford it? Do I need to save up? Do I need to arrange a loan? These are some questions you may be asking yourself prior to booking a basement or cellar survey.

So, getting a rough idea on costs of waterproofing your basement or cellar will help answer some of those questions for you. You can then look for quotations with a little more knowledge on what the likely cost may be.

So, here’s how to get an idea of costs without needing to pick up the phone just yet.

Go down in to you basement and have a look at the total wall area and floor area you need to waterproof – not just damp affected areas – you’ll need to waterproof the whole area otherwise your damp and waterproofing problem will just move to another area or your basement.

Here’s an idea on costs for each job and the products we have available to fix them…

Working out basement waterproofing costs

Internal waterproofing

Commonly known as internal tanking, is when you waterproof you basement from the inside. This will be a cheaper and more achievable waterproofing solution than external waterproofing, since no excavating is required.

The work involves applying a waterproof coat to stop damp entering from the outside.

Professional internal basement waterproofing / tanking

Professional installation costs from £40 to £80 per m² at the higher end if you include finishing the job with new plaster and a paint finish.

DIY internal basement waterproofing / tanking

If you want to do the job yourself, factor in cost of DIY materials at about £20 per m².

DIY basement waterproofing or tanking material would be a waterproof slurry which can easily be brushed on and so making it an achievable job for a DIYer.

internal waterproofing basement

Internal Waterproofing Products for Basements

External waterproofing / tanking

This is the ultimate solution for fixing your basement or cellar damp problems since it stops all water entering your building structure. The downside is that it requires excavation of the outer walls of your basement or cellar, so far more costly and disruptive than internal waterproofing / tanking.

Professional external waterproofing / tanking

Professional installation is from £30-40 per m², and quite a bit higher if you include for joints and protection before backfilling the basement or cellar excavation.

DIY external waterproofing / tanking

For DIY materials allow for about £20 per m². Be aware it can be a dangerous job digging out to expose the outer walls of your basement, so only the most experienced DIYers should even consider this job – if you’re not sure stick to internal waterproofing.

External Waterproofing Products for Basements