Nexus PaveCare range

Patios and paving will need some form of care and maintenance so Nexus developed the PaveCare range of paving and patio care products designed to keep your patio and paving looking at its best.

Nexus’ PaveCare range includes high quality paving sealants, surface restorers as well as specialist cleaning concentrates.

Paving sealants protect surfaces from water ingress and remain a barrier against dirt. They effectively help maintain the paving, keep it looking cleaner for longer and make it much easier to clean when it is required.

Our two most popular sealants are Nexus PRO-410 which enhances the colour of surfaces with a matt finish or Nexus PRO-810 which is an invisible impregnator leaving stone looking perfectly natural.

Nexus Black Limestone Restorer is a permanent colour rejuvenation solution that re-darkens the surface of the black limestone and other dark coloured stone.

The Black Spot & Algae Remover is a deep cleaning solution designed to remove black spot, lichen, moss and stains.

Also part of the cleaning range we have our Paving & Driveway Cleaner and the Porcelain Paving Cleaner which help restore paving to its former glory.

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