About Nexus Projoint

For decades, filling (pointing) the joints between paving slabs and setts with traditional mortar has been a skilled, laborious and time consuming chore. Nexus ProJoint range is here to modernise traditional sand and cement mortar methods with the latest technology to improve on-the-job efficiency, speed things up and deliver a stronger, more durable and better job. 

Traditionally wet mortar pointing can take nearly as long as laying the paving area itself. Bad pointing really shows and can spoil an otherwise good job for you or your client on first viewing.

Weather conditions has always been an important factor for job efficiency. Any contractor who has laid a patio or paving will have experienced the frustration of not being able to do the pointing due to rain. This delays the completion of the job and ultimately your final payment.

ProJoint resin pointing systems have a number of distinct advantages and have a proven record of strength and durability. Contractors are attracted by the ease of use and by the speed of installation which reduces labour time.

With years of cumulative experience and technical knowledge Nexus have built up the largest UK manufactured range of resin pointing systems.

BuildingWaterproofer.co.uk offer you the complete range – Nexus ProJoint Standard, Professional and Specialist.

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