Mist coating new plaster with DO-IT-ALL

applying a mist coat with DO-IT-ALL

Not just a waterproofer!

DO-IT-ALL is also a really handy product to have by you for home improvements and decorating.

You can use it as a ‘mist coat’ on new plaster and plasterboard or for localised filling. DO-IT-ALL will seal the surface and save you time and money applying multiple coats of paint.

You can use it to help with adhesion when tiling a wall. Simply apply DO-IT-ALL to your walls prior to tiling to aid adhesion, and you can add it to your grout to improve spreading. DO-IT-ALL adds strength and toughness to your grout too.

If you buy our DO-IT-ALL waterproofer we’d love to hear what you’ve used it for.

Applying a Mist Coat with DO-IT-ALL

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