Rough cost of waterproofing

Waterproofing Walls previously painted wall

Ball park figures for costing out waterproofing jobs

If you want to get a rough idea of waterproofing costs but don’t want to get a survey done yet or if you don’t want to call a professional just yet, here’s how to get some guidance on costs.

Once you have an idea you might well feel more comfortable engaging with a waterproofing company or professional.

Firstly, make sure you allow for the total wall or floor area rather than just the damp affected area. If you don’t allow for the whole are you’ll just push your waterproofing problem to another area.

Here’s an idea on costs for each job and the products we have available to help you fix them…

Internal tanking

Internal tanking is waterproofing basements and cellars with a waterproof coat to stop damp entering from the outside.

Professional installation is from £40-80 per m², at the higher end if you include a new plaster and paint finish.

For DIY materials only you allow for about £20 per m².

Internal tanking products

External Tanking

This is the best solution to fixing your basement or cellar damp problems but requires excavating the outer walls of your basement or cellar so far more costly than internal tanking.

Professional installation is from £30-40 per m², and quite a bit higher if you include for joints and protection before backfilling the basement or cellar excavation.

For DIY materials only allow for about £20 per m².

External tanking products

Injection damp-proofing

Based on a typical British semi-detached home, the cost of damp-proofing will be about £2,000. It’s difficult to get an accurate price since jobs such as dry rot treatment, timber treatment and re-decoration are going to be different depending on the state of your building.

For DIY materials only cost, allow about £10 per linear metre of wall. Measure the length of the wall to get a good estimate of injection cream cost to damp-proof your wall.

Injection damp-proofing products